Testimonial - Teacher - 3

My middle school students and co-workers love InferCabulary. The images and captions elicit higher level thinking about words, and they are motivated by that game design of the activities. I love that I can customize word lists, assign independent work or play as a group, and confidently monitor my students’ progress. InferCabulary provides a powerful and motivating way to learn new words. I have been amazed how well my students are mastering their starter words and how durable their memories of those terms are when they come up later.

--Michael Young, Wilson Dyslexia Therapist, RTI Specialist & Middle School Teacher at Groves Academy, St. Louis Park, MN

Testimonial - SLP - 3

 My 6th grade boys would rush into class and independently complete lessons without teacher prompting.  I could see them building confidence in their vocabulary, which transferred into their overall self-esteem with school.  Not only did they love seeing their number of words learned increase, but were actually able to understand the meaning of the words in other contexts.

I loved using infercabulary for direct instruction with my kids.  It not only built their vocabulary and made them see connections and understand words in a deeper, more meaningful way, but also helped with their test taking strategies.  With the visual and word description, they began to be able to find the commonalities among the choices and associate it with the word.

--Becky Hall, M. Ed, A/AOGPE, Wilson-1, Intervention Specialist, Shanahan Middle School, Columbus, OH

Testimonial - Psychologist - 1

As a psychologist specializing in learning and brain development, I am in constant search of programs that support reasoning in an engaging manner.  InferCabulary is a find.  The multimodal approach with built in rewards provides a platform for strengthening comprehension and critical thinking.  While learners improve their vocabulary, it is the underpinning of  developing reasoning skills that propels learners’ skills for a lifetime.  

--Cindy Ward Sandler, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Testimonial - SLP - 2

InferCabulary is an excellent digital tool for building deep vocabulary skills through multisensory cues and the use of a new approach, semantic reasoning. It helps plug a huge hole for us regarding online tools that directly help students develop a key, often overlooked reading and language ability. Beth Lawrence and Deena Seifert have done an incredible job creating this powerful app. Best I’ve seen in a long time. 

--Dr. Michael Hart, Educational Consultant & International Literacy Expert, Nashville, TN

Testimonial - Teacher - 2

Using InferCabulary literally saved me hours. All of the planning, instruction, review and enrichment is rolled into this method. The pictures would be a pleasure to search for... but it would take me forever! My students and I really have benefitted and enjoyed this vocabulary study technique.

--Kelly, 5th Grade Teacher from a Virginia public school

Testimonial - SLP - 1

As an SLP with a heavy and diverse caseload, InferCabulary is my go-to program, as I can use it to address a number of goals simultaneously. My students’ pace of acquisition of new vocabulary items has increased dramatically because of the way in which the information is presented. It is incredibly motivating for students and highlights connections between words in a way that no other program does. When I offer my students a choice of InferCabulary versus a range of semantic board games, they always choose InferCabulary!

--Lindy Rosen Nelson, PhD, Speech Language Pathologist from Pikesville, MD

Testimonial - Student - 1

I don’t learn when my teachers give me a list because I don’t know what the dictionary is saying, and I need pictures. This (InferCabulary) really helps me, and I bet it would help a lot of kids. It’s also really fun!

-- 5th Grade Student, Baltimore, MD