Categorization for Vocabulary Storage

When we work with students, we ask them to identify items in categories,
such as animals, as well as sub-categories, such as farm animals,
insects, birds, reptiles, ocean animals, fish etc.

By working on
categories and sub-categories, we require students to use more
specificity in their storage. Metaphorically, rather than clothing being
all thrown into one giant “hamper”, we are asking clothing to be put
into specific drawers. This helps with future recall of words, so that
children do not rely on “thing” or “stuff” when trying to retrieve words
in conversation.

Working on cross-referencing words is also key.  Here is a picture of a chart/matrix my student completed today, cross-referencing words from a word box into Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables according to where they grow (i.e., Tree, Vine, Ground).  Categorization is SO key for vocabulary development and retrieval!