Guide to Explore InferCabulary’s Extensive Book Collection 


At InferCabulary, we encourage teachers to use stories as a method to reinforce vocabulary development for young readers. And we know that when students already deeply know words contained in those stories, they are far better prepared to comprehend what they read. Teachers can organize our extensive catalog of Tier Two and academic words by specific books, filtering a book title that is currently being taught to ensure words from the text are included in their upcoming vocabulary practice.

Check out our step-by-step instructions below to begin exploring our extensive book collection:

Step 1: Select “DEMO” from the header of our website. You’ll be redirected to our free demo, which is available for student and teacher view, to experience what InferCabulary has to offer. 


Step 2: After landing on the Demo page, you’ll be directed to the student-facing experience. To view the Teacher Dashboard, go to the upper left corner (pictured below) and toggle down to select “Teacher” mode.


Step 3: Once you’re in the Teacher dashboard view (pictured below), select on “Word List” on Teacher Dashboard to begin searching our book library:


Step 4: Begin to type in the first few letters of your desired book title in the “Book” search bar. We’ve got an extensive library of books across elementary, middle and high school reading levels and are always adding to our collection!


Students become more confident in their literacy skills and feel excited when they recognize vocabulary words in the process of reading. Scroll through our library of available book titles by visiting: