InferCabulary Joins Google for Education as a Build Partner

googleforedInferCabulary, a leader in providing visual vocabulary to support literacy in grades 1-12, announced that it has become a Google for Education Build Partner. InferCabulary was chosen as a partner as it easily integrates with Google for Education products, such as Google Classroom, in addition to Google Sign-In, saving teachers and students time. InferCabulary is based on a unique research-backed approach to improving comprehension and nuanced vocabulary knowledge through visual critical thinking activities

InferCabulary–the opposite of rote memorization of dictionary definitions–teaches students to use Semantic Reasoning (i.e., a type of critical thinking requiring inductive and deductive reasoning) in order to make sense of complex vocabulary words. Through guided practice and a variety of activities within a gaming platform, students engage with carefully-chosen, real-world images to develop literacy skills. These strategies help bridge the gap in reading comprehension and help students “own” sophisticated words they then include in oral and written language. Teachers receive the support and resources needed to integrate InferCabulary into their current curriculum (i.e., word lessons are assignable by grade-level, category label, or by chapter and book title).  

Through InferCabulary’s integration with Google for Education, teachers can now access and assign InferCabulary lessons, activities, and assessments directly through Google Classroom. InferCabulary is dedicated to helping all learners unlock the power of reading comprehension and communication. This partnership not only extends literacy outreach but helps educators use Google for Education tools to easily incorporate visual vocabulary into their everyday literacy curriculum. The InferCabulary team plans to continue building additional Google for Education integrations to help increase literacy opportunities for all.

***Update – our Google link is no longer active, but you can sign up for an InferCabulary account here and use our Google Classroom rostering feature. Our Specialist, Parent, and Teacher accounts have a 14-day trial. Feel free to contact our sales team at to find out which account is right for you.