Podcast with Dr. Erica Warren of GoDyslexia.com

This week, Beth was privileged to participate in a video podcast with Dr. Erica Warren, a phenomenal learning specialist and educational therapist who is an expert in dyslexia and executive functioning. Dr. Warren uses multi-sensory tools and mindful, remedial methods to teach compensatory learning and metacognitive strategies to students who want to optimize learning and cognition.  She helps students with cognitive skills, study strategies and remedial reading, writing and math methods at www.learningtolearn.biz.

Over the years, she created amazing tools and methods, and began sharing them with the public here: www.goodsensorylearning.com. In 2016, Dr. Warren also began a training program for learning specialists and educational therapists: www.learningspecialistcourses.com. It is on her website https://godyslexia.com and her YouTube channel that Dr. Warren shares video podcasts and webinars for those wishing to learn more about dyslexia and methods to help all students.  

Check out Beth’s talk with Dr. Erica Warren: