The Magic of Words


Here’s some literacy inspiration for your day…

One day in a Barnes and Noble, Malcom, a young man, was approached by a middle-aged woman who invited him to join her book club. He accepted the invitation and was soon the only male in the a room full of women discussing books.

What’s interesting about that? At the time he was a popular football player at the University of Georgia and now he’s a wide receiver for the Patriots…but that’s not what inspires me. Here it is – he could only read at the junior high level when he entered college. He didn’t develop an interest in reading until college and now he is a children’s book author.

Malcolm Mitchell self-published his own children’s book, The Magician’s Hat, about a magician “whose trick is showing children the magic power of reading.” His book is somewhat autobiographical and an inspiration to children. Malcolm said football was easy for him, but reading required work.

We know that two-thirds of students in the U.S. struggle with reading and vocabulary is the building block of reading comprehension.

Literacy is important to us and we’d like to inspire kids across the country to find the magic of reading by tapping into the power of a strong vocabulary. We found that using language to teacher words isn’t working, so we use images in different contexts to help children learn vocabulary and then add the language.

Be a magician for your students and introduce them to InferCabulary Pro! Opening up a world of words can magically open up a world of books.

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Deena Seifert, M.S., CCC-SLP
InferCabulary Pro