Visual Vocabulary Instruction Tool

InferCabulary, a web based, visual vocabulary tool helps to support Tier 2 vocabulary acquisition and critical thinking, using the Semantic Reasoning method. 

Why do we need a vocabulary instruction tool?

Research shows that almost 2/3 of U.S. students are not demonstrating proficiency in literacy, including comprehension and vocabulary (NAEP). Vocabulary acquisition primarily happens in three ways:

1) experienced through exposure to rich oral language

  • Students aren’t exposed to a high oral vocabulary outside of school
  • Students exposed to rich oral language at home other than English

2) wide reading (repeated exposure to a variety of texts)

  • However, many students are not avidly reading, due to a lack of: 
    • decoding skills 
    • access to books
    • interest 
    • language skills
  • Students can easily get caught in a cycle of reading failure, meaning there is a repetition of the students not knowing the meaning of words, therefore they avoid reading, and vocabulary acquisition is not able to happen  

3) direct instruction

Educators may be utilizing vocabulary aligned with Common Core standards, state standards, or focus on specific vocabulary lists. One common approach educators use, no matter the vocabulary list, is the use of dictionary definitions. Research shows that best practice instruction is more effective, yet it is time consuming. 

Online vocabulary instruction tool: InferCabulary

InferCabulary works to rapidly teach deep word meanings. Our digital program was created by two speech-language pathologists to help learners deeply learn words in a fraction of the time–according to independent research (UVA, 2022): 80 seconds per word–and with far better results than with typical instruction.

A few of the benefits of InferCabulary include: 

  • Efficient process for teaching best practice vocabulary instruction 
    • Research shows that students do not benefit from simply looking up terms in the dictionary. Best practice instruction includes rich meanings and real life examples of the word in multiple contexts. 
  • Teaches high value Tier 2 words (nuanced vocabulary words that frequently appear across a variety of domains and support reading comprehension)
  • Active engagement with high quality images
  • Achievement levels for students and easy to read teacher data
  • Utilizes critical thinking

Using InferCabulary for vocabulary instruction of Tier 2 common core vocabulary: 

  • Helps students learn new words 
  • Deepens understanding of known words
  • Increases semantic reasoning skills, great for: 
    • working memory
    • executive functioning
    • ability to read complex texts with more understanding

Students need to know over 50,000-80,000 words by 12th grade. Help your K-12 students deeply learn Tier 2 vocabulary words with semantic reasoning and InferCabulary!