Vocabulary Word of the Week!

Word of the Week – InferCabulary Style!

Whether you are:

  • interested in learning more about effective, evidence based vocabulary instruction facilitated through critical thinking


  • already use InferCabulary and would like additional ideas for extension and generalization

we’ve got you covered! 

Our new offering includes:  

  • intentionally curated words inline with best practice instruction.
  • access to the Semantic Reasoning process.
  • additional opportunities for student application and discussion.
  • generalization activities beyond playing on InferCabulary.com
  • optional built-in scoring for progress monitoring.


These forms have been designed in response to recent research and suggested best practice.  

Each form includes a familiarity rating scale.  Familiarity rating activities engage students by letting them determine which vocabulary words they need to learn (Beck et al., 2013).  These activities also foster more accurate self assessment after students complete them and retake the rating scale!

InferCabulary for vocabulary instruction


Each activity includes the Semantic Reasoning process (Lawrence and Siefert, 2016) to ensure the same word awareness process found in the InferCabulary program. 


Each activity includes additional opportunities to apply newly acquired Tier 2 vocabulary word knowledge in different tasks or new contexts.  We have included prompts to facilitate personal connections with the vocabulary word as well as foster conversations with teachers, parents or peers (Coyne, McCoach, & Kapp, 2007; Leung , 2008).








Each activity ends with student feedback. As teachers and interventionists ourselves, we value student input! Giving learners a voice fosters buy-in and allows a unique look into their perspectives. While we will not have access to your students’ responses, we’d love to have you share any ideas or suggestions on Vocabulary Word of the Week.










You can try our inaugural version of Vocabulary Word of the Week right here!  Once you make a copy, you can share it out to your students and continue to engage them in high quality critical thinking and vocabulary acquisition today!   

https://bit.ly/3zfS1p0 – sustained

https://bit.ly/3Pjo3au priority

https://bit.ly/3zpwwCs – refuge

https://bit.ly/3bD8Z9l indication