Why We Are Passionate About Vocabulary

What’s the big deal about vocabulary? Every 2 years our nation’s 4th , 8th and 12th grade students are assessed in reading. The 2015 results indicate only 34-37% of these students are comprehending what they read. That means roughly 65% of students in the U.S. are not comprehending what they are reading.


Why is Vocabulary Important?

  • 2/3 of students in the U.S. struggle with reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary is a building block for reading comprehension.
  • Students need to deeply understand 98% of works in text independently to comprehend what they read. (Hu & Nation, 2000)
  • Vocabulary is one of the five major components of reading. (National Reading Panel, 2010)

mammoth2The struggle is real and we have a solution. InferCabulary uses images first, then words to help students understand vocabulary in a variety of contexts. Students tell us it’s a great way to learn and the word meanings are easier to remember because of our kid-friendly definitions. Check out our instant demo for yourself and see why students are teachers are loving this new way of learning vocabulary.

We care about vocabulary, because it’s a big problem – one of mammoth proportions, you might say!