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round logo copyThis is an exciting time for Communication @PPtitude! Our first mobile app is in the works. The storyboard has been delivered to our software engineer and we are excited to experience the “birth” of our first piece of technology. We will keep you updated on it’s progress!

Deena is also a “student” again, taking an online course in mobile app development and is officially an Apple Developer. Beth is working on a research grant for a vocabulary program we will eventually share with you. Good times!

Meanwhile, we thought we would share a few apps on the market that you might find useful. The first one is free, called “Chain of Thought” by Jay Bacal. It’s a free association word game that is great for word retrieval which is the difficulty in recalling words on demand. One of the techniques for improving word recall is to think of words associated the word you are searching for to retrieve the target word. for example, syrup goes with pancakes and a bat goes with a baseball. The game can be played solo, with another player or online. Adults and kids will enjoy this free app so much, they won’t notice its language benefits.

The second app is Inspiration Software which has reduced the price of their Mac and PC software by 50% for a limited time. (Inspiration Maps for the iPad is just $9.99. Using it with a touch screen is great for students.) You’ve read about this software on our blogs about writing. It’s a software program that allows students to work in diagram or outline form for brainstorming ideas, mapping out ideas about a s research topic, and organizing information for writing as well as verbal formulation. We can’t say enough good things about this software for elementary to college students. So, if you were thinking about getting Inspiration, now’s the time to buy it. In fact, we use Inspiration when we are “mapping out” our ideas for apps and research ideas.

Thanks to all of our supporters! We’ve passed the 2,000 mark on hits to our blog and we are so grateful!

Deena Seifert, MS, CCC-SLP
Deena Seifert, MS, CCC-SLP